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Chatroulette is a website designed by Andrey Ternovsky in November 2009 which bears the motto of bringing in unknown people together from any remote area globally. The chatting technique is basically very easy and has three modes. Firstly, the webcam chat that is video chat mode, secondly the instant text messaging mode and thirdly the audio mode. The video mode is more popular for users.

Though this site is for open access but there are some things you ought to follow. There are some basic requirements like a webcam and formalities like registration to prove your genuine existence.  Some mandatory fields are you are not allowed to showcase any exploiting things, or any illegal material. In case the person with whom you are having a conversation is the one displaying non healthy and non friendly context, then you should raise your voice and give complain. If three people face the same kind of harassment and give a complaint, then that person will have a temporary ban on the access of the website. You should be above eighteen to join this site, though you do not have to showcase your age proof to any member. You cannot use someone else’s camera to chat.

If you have no regard for the rules, you will be banned for a limited time. Select familiar person as your partner to talk. You can keep any material of your choice to cover the camera. It can be yourself or even a non living object. On the left edge of the window, the video shot is displayed. The right edge of the window captures the whole conversation. It is just like a recorded footage. If you use pre captured footage in a current conversation, then you will again be banned. In case you want to change your present partner, you do not have to face the counter queries of your partner. Now all you have to do is press the next option which is displayed at the top edge of the screen. Automatically your partner will vanish and a new person will become your new partner.  

The webcam chat room technology is the base behind these sites. This is one of the most popular modes of internet communication. Internet Relay chat technology is highly used but even better technology like the java chat technology is used so as to make it even easier to access. It is created in such a way that you can have a communication with anybody within the community without revealing your original identity. The correct proof has to be given so that it can be assumed that you are an original user and not a fake account user. For that a negligible amount through your PayPal account is deducted. The chances of fake accounts have been completely eradicated as real people are involved. You sensitive personal documents will not be leaked and only those things which you wish to show can be seen. You need not have to disclose your real identity so nobody can harass or threaten you on any grounds.

The webcam chat room technology is the base behind these sites. You cannot use someone else’s camera to chat.

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