Learn About Brian Ludmer & His Insights Of Law By Reading His Article

Brian Ludmer lawyer has become an authority in business law and family law.LudmerLaw has considerableunderstanding in family as well as business law: one by choice whiles the other by requirement. These two preparation areas often interconnect, permitting Ludmer Law to have a better understanding of matters and thus benefit his clients.

Prior to launching Ludmer Law, Brian Ludmer was a partner with Goodman and Carr, Goodman Phillips & Vineberg and Ogilvy Renault. Other than running successfully his own firm that provides services in law, he is an attractive and adoring speaker. Business law industry conferencesand continuing education as well as family act and nurturing organizations often call him. Today, Ludmer Law provides small to medium businesses a balance between Brian’s experience working on multi-billion dollar transactions and the personal attention and value he can offer as a boutique firm. He keeps on travelling across North America to educate and inspire families experiencing high conflict divorce, and to act as strategic advisor on family law matters.

In addition of successfully running a law firm, Brian Ludmer of LudmerLaw is an energetic and appealing speaker and is frequently called upon to speak at different conferences across America. He is a member of a number of organisations and forums which are actively associated with resolving of parenting issues and the other aspects of law.  He also co-founded an organisation called Lawyers Shared-Parenting. Brian was also actively involved in drafting equal shared-parenting legislation in Canada.

Most of the divorce cases that involve custody of children are characterized by parental alienation syndrome. This is a term used to describe the hatred doses pushed in by one parent into child’s brain against the other parent. This is a painful situation for the parent who is not given the custody. There are many instances where the deprived parents are kept away from meeting their children by conspiracy webs of the other parents who have the custody. The children are religiously taught to hate their other parent. As a result the child is deprived from his right to parental love from both his parents. It affects the child’s normal mental growth and the chances of him to be a good human being in future minimizes. By reading a Brian Ludmer article on parental alienation and the way out from it, any victim of this trauma can find a vent to his frustrations.

If we learn about Brian Ludmer lawyer profile, over the years he has been extensively associated with family law as well as corporate law. He has also been extensively published and has had a number of speaking engagements. He specializes in family law with focus on parental alienation, high conflict separations, and income disputes. Even has great experience in corporate law. He is highly sought as lead or strategic counsel by clients.

You can click for information on the various websites that publish articles on this subject. You will find Ludmer’s articles there.  Brian Ludmer has created a great influence on the crowd with his speech on parental alienation in the Canadian Symposium. He is also about to conduct the first international conference on this subject soon.

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